Coffee for the Conversational Soul

“Let’s catch up over coffee!” said my long-lost childhood buddy. “Great idea!”, I instantly responded.

Coffee and conversation – I wonder when I got addicted to this marvellous combination :)..

It must have been during college days. An inseparable group of four friends, we used to have long chats over “Filter coffee” at a then-popular restaurant, Surabhi, in the charming city of Pune. There was always something to talk about at the end of a long day at college. And the hot beverage never failed to pep up our conversational mood.

We graduated and moved to different cities.

In Raleigh, North Carolina, a coffee shop that I loved to frequent was Global Village Organic Coffee. My roommate and I had endless tête-à-têtes over a steaming cuppa. Life away from family, new friends, weekend plans, shopping lists, stressful projects – the topics never ceased.

Another graduation, another city.

Café Coffee Day (CCD) was increasingly becoming a popular hangout in Bangalore. Over Cappuccino and Café Latte, my fiancé and I talked of our hopes, dreams and our future life together.

A lovely wedding.

Coffee shops at every nook and corner in Bangalore. Lavazza, CCD, Brio, Qwikys, Mocha, Gloria Jeans Coffee, Costa Coffee, Cuppa….whew! – an amazingly vast choice for our conversational spirits :). We’ve planned fun weekend getaways and great family vacations, caught up with dear friends, made financial investment decisions, and of course, just plain chilled out over many a cup of Joe…

The best coffee I’ve had till date?

One for the taste and one for the view.

A steaming cup of the best Cappuccino I’ve ever had was at (no prizes for guessing) Rome, Italy. My husband and I hopped into a little corner coffee store en route to the Spanish Steps and placed our order. The taste was absolutely fantastic, the cost very reasonable. The coffee – OUT OF THE WORLD! 🙂

The other was at (again, no prizes) a café in Paris, where we leisurely sipped our “Café au lait” after a long day of exploring the vibrant city and watched the world go by. The coffee was very good, the cost, a tad high. The experience – OUT OF THE WORLD! 🙂

Coffee, to me, is a “must-have” companion for the conversational soul! 🙂