A long walk

I love long walks, I have always enjoyed them. And I often find myself humming, ‘It’s a beautiful morning….’ [http://lyricsplayground.com/alpha/songs/a/abeautifulmorning.shtml], one of my favorite ‘walk-time’ songs.

For the past few months, a typical 10-minute morning stroll in my neighbourhood extends to a 45-minute one. You wonder why? Besides beautiful weather, I have wonderful company – an extremely curious, innocent, talkative toddler.

We take the staircase and count every step as we descend 3 storeys, giggling at every landing. We greet the neighbour’s pet dog and set off on our journey. School buses, autos, trucks, scooters and all objects on wheels are greeted with wild squeals of joy. We pick up bright yellow and red flowers, collect fallen green and brown leaves. We watch the road-widening project in awe – bulldozers, earth movers, cranes, LOTS OF MUD and CHAOS on the street :). Also, a brand new train has rolled out of the manufacturing factory and it’s a complete stunner, it definitely merits a few minutes of admiration.

Up ahead, the signboard outside a preschool and daycare center demands some  devoted attention. As we identify the cartoon characters and the cute animals on the board, a couple of tiny tots from the school amble over to the gate. We enjoy an animated conversation with them, my companion is having a wonderful time.

Continuing on our way, we spot colorful butterflies among the shrubs along the street. Oh, a chipmunk on the tall tree – we follow the agile creature’s movements for a while until our necks hurt from looking up so high. Some curious onlookers wonder what we are staring at, sometimes we explain to them, at other times we just smile and head back home.

Gathering a few souvenir pebbles, animatedly jumping on fallen dry leaves to hear the crackling noise, waving hellos and goodbyes to the fruit and vegetable vendors, we return from our enjoyable sojourn.

Walk with a child – with an open mind, a curious spirit, a carefree attitude. It is a BEAUTIFUL experience :)!