Escape to Dubai – II

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Our Dubai story continues from Escape to Dubai – I.

Day 2:

Friday is the day of prayer and rest, and hence, the metro timings vary on this day. With the train service beginning at 2pm, we took a cab to our destination – the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo (housed in the Dubai mall). Tip: Do check Friday timings of your destination before you head out. Most malls and tourist attractions stay open, but times may be different from other days.

The waterfront promenade outside the mall was almost like a picture postcard. The Burj Khalifa, towering in the background, gleamed in the sun as we walked along the lake. The picturesque bridge and entrance to the Souk Al Bahar provided a wonderful photo opportunity.

We bought the combo ticket for the underwater zoo and the aquarium tunnel. There are other types of tickets available as well. The Dubai Aquarium boasts of the world’s largest acrylic viewing panel (another Guinness Record :)). Our toddler was spellbound by the experience, and of course, we loved it too.

From penguins to sharks, and the not-to-be-missed creepy crawlies, spot them all here in a well-maintained space. We spent a delightful couple of hours learning about these marvellous creatures.

A trip to Dubai is not complete without a view from atop the Burj Khalifa. Tip: If you are able to plan this in advance, pre-booking the tickets can be a great money-saver. A ticket costs 100 AED if you buy it in advance on the internet, but it’s a steep 400 AED if you book it at the counter for immediate entry. Our slot was at 7.30 pm and so, until then, we strolled along the promenade by the lake, while our son had a wonderful time running in the vast open area there.

Tourists and locals were beginning to gather outside for the first show of the Dubai Fountain. Each show lasts for about 5 minutes, and there is a new one every 30 minutes. Show timings are listed on the websiteTip: Try to view one show from At The Top and another from ground level. It’s definitely worth it!

It was our turn to ride the elevator to the Observation Deck. Wow, it was a really quick, thrilling ride to level 124! And what a spectacular view of the city from there!

City lights glistened, skyscrapers stood tall, and we stood there, admiring the landmarks. To top it all, we had a perfect view of the fountain below, from our vantage viewing point. As the show unfolded below, we watched, transfixed and mesmerized. As we moved around the observation deck, trying to spot various attractions from up above, our son was having a great time, too. We had to tear him away from the glass viewing pane when it was time to leave.

Down 124 levels in a jiffy! 🙂 The story of the construction of Burj Khalifa unfolds in the form of pictures and facts during the entire visit.

It was time to view the fountain from closer quarters. Beautiful music, dancing fountains, a fabulous show!! Although we longed to stay and watch some more, it was late and time to return to the hotel.

The last post of this series, Escape to Dubai – III, will be published soon.