Escape to Dubai – III

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Having spent a lovely two days in Dubai(read Escape to Dubai – I and Escape to Dubai – II), we looked forward to the sights and sounds that the last day had in store for us.

Day 3:

At the glitzy Dubai Mall, our first stop was at the kiddie cart rental store. The youngest member of our family was overjoyed on seeing a bright yellow taxi, and it was his for the next few hours :). Our routine at a mall was pretty much established by now: rent a kiddie car(t), grab a map, select the destinations(stores/attractions), head there, return the kiddie car(t), head to the taxi parking/metro station.


Passing numerous stores and window-shopping on the way, we caught a glimpse of The Waterfall. We walked towards it for a closer look. It is definitely an impressive piece of work! Several photographs later, it was time for a cuppa :D. No dearth of coffee shops here.

Book World by Kinokuniya is a huge bookstore with a very vast collection. We spent a good deal of time browsing the various sections of this gallery. I was in the French section for the most part, looking for a good buy. The ‘men of the house’ explored the other parts of the store. This is a must-visit for all book-lovers!

We were getting used to losing our way inside every mall. It can be a fun experience, though, as long as you are not on a tight schedule. We had all the time in the world. As we wandered around trying to determine the way to the cart rental store, we reached the super-glitzy Fashion Avenue. From Alexander McQueen and Chanel to Louis Vuitton and Versace, you will find them all here. Feeling a “little” out-of-place outside the designer stores and in the “highly fashionable area” :)), but having a great time looking around, we walked past the Armani/Dubai Caffe and finally, reached our destination.

In the afternoon, we took the metro train to Ibn Battuta station, a long distance away. This ride gave us the perfect opportunity to see more of Dubai: the Safa Park, the Burj Al Arab from a distance, many beautiful (and undoubtedly, tall :)) buildings along Shaikh Zayed Road and the Ibn Battuta Mall. It was outside the Ibn Battuta station that some signs of the desert (sand) land were visible :). In many areas, construction is still on, cranes are at work (someone said that the crane is considered to be the national bird of dubai :D) and there’s still land under development.

Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to take a ride on the Palm Jumeirah Monorail. But, hey, there’s always a next time! 🙂

Our trip was coming to an end. It had been a lovely vacation, there was so much to do ‘indoors’ in Dubai. We will return for all the ‘outdoor’ activities, in winter (hopefully, that’ll happen soon!). The next visit will likely include Jumeirah Beach Park, the Palm Jumeirah Monorial, the Creekside Park, the Walk at JBR and a ride into the desert.