The Vibrance of Barcelona, in pictures – I

During a wonderful trip to Europe in 2006, we spent a few days in the vibrant, colorful city of Barcelona in Spain. I was so fascinated by the place that even now, I have a little (OK, not-so-little :)) dream of owning a home there someday :). Here is a glimpse of Barca, captured by our camera.

Our first views of the city - yachts docked at the port, near the Maritime Museum

View of Barcelona from the Mirador de Colom (Columbus Monument). It is situated at one end of Las Ramblas, by the sea.

City lights

An exciting journey to Montjuic hill by the funicular.

The imposing structure of the Palau Nacional, housing the National Art Museum of Catalunya (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, MNAC)

We couldn't stop taking pictures here.

Breathtaking art work inside the Palau Nacional.

Down the hill is the picturesque Plaça de la Espanya.

Columbus showing us the way, on our tour of the city 🙂

I loved this beautiful bridge.

We hopped on to a cruise boat for a 90-minute ride along Barcelona's coastline.

Our wonderful journey aboard Las Golondrinas started from the Portal de la Pau, near the Mirador de Colom

We spotted many significant landmarks on the way. You will see them up close and personal on my posts about Barcelona.

One of my favorites, sailboats in the Mediterranean.

Peering through the cabin

I was completely enchanted by the seafront. We sat on one of the benches there, watched the ships anchored at the harbor, bade goodbye to vessels departing to far-off lands and gazed at small boats setting sail in the sea.

More glimpses of this charming city will be published very soon, in The Vibrance of Barcelona, in pictures – II.