A Gentleman

He is a gentleman.

I’ve known him for a long time. I remember him since I was a little kid. He regaled us with stories of his life and work. A well-travelled man, he often had interesting anecdotes to share with family and friends. His thoughts and views have always been very modern and progressive. Calm and composed, unperturbed by changing circumstances, always willing to lend a listening ear. No wonder everyone turned to him for advice and support. Quoting from philosophical texts, he would soothe frayed nerves, calm excited tempers and pacify agitated reactions. Anyone in need of assistance was assured of a helping hand from him.

His family and loved ones always turned to him for ‘prayer’. Admission into school, travel overseas, an illness, a wedding, an argument, a new arrival – he would be requested to ‘pray’ for the concerned persons. His prayer and blessings were the source of strength and reassurance for many.

Now, he needs our ‘prayers’. As I think of him, I pray very hard, for everything to be okay, for this gentleman.