Metro Mania

Our long wait ended in November 2011. We boarded Namma Metro, which had recently commenced operations in Namma Bengaluru! 🙂 And in style! The metro ride is now a weekly affair for us. A must-do on most Sunday mornings. It’s a fun way to spend a couple of hours and keep a toddler completely entertained. One line, about 6 km, 12 min. Too short? Yeah, we agree. Sooner (or later ;)) we hope to see the other reaches complete. Our routine: Hop on at Byappanahalli, cruise through Indira Nagar and Ulsoor, and then hop off at MG Road. A cuppa chai (or even lunch, depending on the time) and a bookstore visit later, it is time for the ride home.

MG Road used to be a ‘worrisome’ destination for us due to the parking concerns. Auto rides were always a hassle. The Metro has completely eliminated our troubles.

Our FAVORITE way to explore a city is via metro. Travel by foot follows a close second :).

Our fascination with this mode of transport began in Delhi. We spent an entire afternoon riding along the 2 lines that existed in the capital at that time. The network has greatly expanded since then, and we’d love to experience the trains in the capital again.

The unique charm of each station and the amazing connectivity push the Paris Metro to the top of my list of favorites. The wonderful rides when we explored vibrant Barcelona, the excitement in the Metropolitana at Rome (where any underground digging runs the risk of ruining a ‘ruin’! ), and the couple of times we took the Metro at Marseille are unforgettable.

We couldn’t resist the metro journeys in Beijing and Shanghai. At the ticket counter, our earnest efforts to correctly pronounce the destination names earned us several appreciative smiles. A brief stopover in Bangkok allowed us to experience the MRT in the city. The Dubai Metro offered stunning views of the glitzy and glamourous edifices along Sheikh Zayed Road during a wonderful vacation.

Saint Petersburg, London, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Kolkata (much closer home!) have found a place on our ‘Metro wishlist’.

Here’s a list of the ten top metros of the world, published by Business Traveller.

Do you like to take the Metro? Which one is your favorite?