Ahmedabad Revisited – II: Discovering Sarkhej Roza

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The beautiful temples of Ahmedabad had captured our attention. Next, we set forth to discover Sarkhej Roza, situated outside the city.

Day 3:

We took an auto to Sarkhej Roza, situated about 10 km outside the city. Apart from us, there were only a couple of other folks in the complex (I think it was the ‘weekday’ factor). This vast space houses, among other edifices, the tomb of the Sufi saint, Ahmad Khattu Ganj Baksh, a mosque and an expansive courtyard. The stark beauty and regal architecture of the monuments is breathtaking. While we admired the grandeur of the complex , a few families dropped in to offer prayers.

We returned to the city and had lunch at one of our favorite haunts, Gopi, near Ellis Bridge. As always, the meal was sumptuous and the service was exceptional.

In the evening, we headed to Kankaria Lake, only to be disappointed! It turned out that the lake was closed on Mondays :(. Well, brushing off the sad smileys, we decided to walk along CG Road and as a bonus, Junior got an opportunity to spend another evening at Law Garden. He was thrilled to the T.

Day 4:

We couldn’t leave the city without visiting the lake. Off to Kankaria Lake in the morning!

Hot air balloon, Kankaria Lake

A few people (who had also been disappointed on Monday?) ambled around the lake. This time, we started with the zoo (we had been unable to visit it last year). It was much bigger than I had imagined!

Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad

Kankaria Lake is an absolute must-visit, especially for the little members of a family. After exploring the Balvatika and spending some time in the kids’ play area, it was time for lunch and the return flight to good old Bengaluru.

As always, we carried with us great memories of Amdavad – “Food, Glorious Food”, “People, Warm People”, and “A Beautiful City”! 🙂